Build Your Own Blob (BYOB)!

Welcome to the Build Your Own Blog series! We’re kicking this series off with the basics and most fundamental pieces of blogging: hosting.

SiteGround Hosting Review

Many platforms for blogging exist – some free, some cheap, and some expensive or professional. The BYOB series is directly written for people who have little income / resources available to them, but may desire the professional domain name at the same time. My goal is to help you build your own blog while keeping on whatever budget (or lack thereof) you’re working with.

Scaling the Host Market

Personally, I kept to a strict $100 budget because I wanted my blog to be able to be set apart from other bloggers / writers right off the bat. You certainly do not need to have that as your budget; however, please keep in mind that this will require you to spend money upfront – but as cheaply as possible!

When I researched all the hosts (,, etc.), I poured hours of my time to select the right host. I’ve had accounts with both of those mentioned above, and I was less than impressed. I’m not pouring much effort on my experience with both right now, but they have a lot of problems – specifically with site downtime.

My logic with straying away from these cheaper, widely-known hosts is based on my experience with site downtime – or the duration of time my site was running. Both were lacking, and why pay for a website if it won’t stay up, damnit?!

I’m getting carried away. *Ahem*


This frustration led me to this gem of a host. SiteGround is a unique experience that I just have to share. I’m integrating my experience of nearly 6 months in this review. I wanted to hold off on writing this until I could back it 100%, you know?

SiteGround offers the standard hosting packages as many other sites. So, why should you choose this gem as your future host? My friend, that’s quite simple to answer. This host offers quick response times for when your site doesn’t does go down. That hasn’t happened to me at all in the 6 months with this host, so let’s chat about an issue I did stumble upon.

Troubleshooting the Issues

My entire site became dysfunctional when I uploaded a new theme. It caused my entire site to crash. I contacted Support and only waited a whopping 3 minutes before I was answered via their live chat support option. The person was pleasant (here’s looking at you, Kristen) and prompt. She was able to locate the problem with my website in a matter of minutes. She offered two solutions: one lazy method or one more involved solution. I opted for the lazy method because my site wasn’t really all too lively anyway. I used the chance to rebrand myself, and it actually turned out to be quite the decision, honestly. I was able to save my blog posts to one Word document, so that helped.

The alternative option was neatly discussed in plain language for me to understand, which I appreciated greatly. I just “didn’t have time for that.” Kristen and I ended the conversation in less than 10 minutes. Yes. you heard read that correctly. Let’s take a look at their website by displaying some highly intricate screenshots! Shall we?

The Basics

SiteGround’s homepage is quite welcoming. Immediately guests know who they are and what they do. Speaking for myself, I love it when people offer the details so plainly. Their website has obvious and easy-to-navigate links in their top menu offered on each page. I especially love that they are so upfront with their contact information – very inviting, if you ask me!

They offer plenty of budget-friendly plans with features and incentives unique to each package. Personally, I have the Shared hosting. If you have more advanced needs, then look into the other options.

For those curious, they offer wonderful WordPress (which is what I use) integration and support – including professional themes!

SiteGround offers trustworthy uptime and maintains site speed naturally. This will allow your visitors quick and easy access to your site around the clock year-round! I also love they have a data center in the United States! That was important to me, personally.

It’s a dead horse I’m beating, but I’ll say it anyway. This host offers the best support I’ve ever experienced. When you spend just a tad of research on this host, you’ll see they sit pretty at rank 1 on this trustworthy hosting review site. This host truly stands out among the competition.

Do you want a peek what being on the inside looks like? This is what you’re welcomed with when you sign up! I personally have the GrowBig account type, but in retrospect, I totally should have opted for the cheaper option. Installing your website is a no-hassle experience quite unlike anything I’ve experienced.

Curious? Check out your special offer by visiting the welcome page to get started now!


Get started today with the best host available on the Internet! They have unbeatable support offerings, great prices for every level of expertise and budget, and more! You do pay all months upfront, but honestly, that isn’t even an issue – especially if you opt for the cheapest plan they offer! There are other options, but considering site downtime, support, cost, and commitment to their users, SiteGround is just the only option I will consider recommending to anyone. With the second package option, my total cost came out to $95!

Next, I will discuss WordPress basics with helpful links to tutorials I used to get this site up and running. Stay tuned for a post about what WordPress themes I used and where I got them!